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Let's work together to promote diversity

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Diversity is good for business

Companies that achieve a more diverse range of employees, whether at board level or in more junior roles, gain access to tangible business benefits. Research has proven that companies with a greater representation of women on their boards tend to outperform their rivals in terms of sales, return on invested capital and return on equity. 

In February 2011, Lord Davies of Abersoch published Women On Boards, which recommended a target of 25% female representation at board level for FTSE 100 companies by 2015. Businesses across the UK embraced the recommendations and achieved the ambitious target six months ahead of schedule. By October 2015, representation of women more than doubled to 26.1% on FTSE 100 boards and 19.6% on FTSE 250 boards with no all-male boards in the FTSE 100 and only 15 in the FTSE 250. 

Following this success, Lord Davies set a new series of recommendations in 2015 including a bold new target of all FTSE 350 boards having 33% female representation by 2020 - around 350 more women in top positions.

There as been a clear step change since the Davies Report in gender diversity within the UK and 2017 marks the start of mandatory gender pay gap reporting for companies with over 250 employees, a measure we are positive will continue to advance working women in transport.

Partnering with Women in Transport

Women in Transport acts as an honest broker, drawing together the viewpoints of our members and other senior figures in the industry in an independent way and without vested corporate interests. We raise the profile on these issues in a positive and engaging way, facilitating the debate through: 

  • High profile networking receptions, with keynote speakers who are long-standing industry leaders. These events, held twice each year, are hugely popular and enjoyable. They foster personal connections and introductions for our supporters and members. 

  • Targeted events, which typically focus on the provision of professional and career enhancing skills.  Delivered through workshops, site visits and seminars, filling training gaps created by employer budget reductions. 


Recognising the differing needs of our sponsors and partners, we offer flexible packages which can be 'bundled' to suit individual needs. Packages may include a combination of any of the following: 

  • Sponsorship of specific events, including speaking opportunities, promotion and recognition of your engagement with the diversity agenda 

  • Attributed and active involvement with industry-wide initiatives to promote your role in diversity in the public eye 

  • Full membership for your employees, plugging them into our network and encouraging them to engage with our year-round activities at no further cost 

  • Access to professional development and training events for a defined number of your employees 

  • Promotion of your company and its engagement with Women in Transport on our website and in our published materials 

Packages can be tailored to match corporate objectives for equality and diversity, enhancing your in-house initiatives providing a public opportunity to promote your support for the advancement of women across the transport industry.