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Diversity is good for business

Companies that achieve a more diverse range of employees, whether at board level or in more junior roles, gain access to tangible business benefits. This five year global study by Sodexo published in 2018 demonstrated that gender balanced management, across a sample of 70 entities representing 50,000 managers across different functions and levels, resulted in a higher employee engagement rate, improved safety performance, increased client and employee retention and better operating margins.

In 2011, Lord Davies of Abersoch published Women On Boards, recommending a target of 25% female representation at board level for FTSE 100 companies by 2015. Businesses across the UK embraced the recommendations and achieved the ambitious target six months ahead of schedule. In 2015, Lord Davies set a new series of recommendations including a bold target of all FTSE 350 boards having 33% female representation by 2020 - around 350 more women in top positions.

Mandatory gender pay gap reporting for companies with over 250 employees was introduced in the UK from 2017 and has provided a clear evidence base to drive greater diversity.

The 2018 FTSE women leaders: Hampton-Alexander review recognised the considerable progress, particularly in the percentage of women on FTSE 100 boards, and the reduction in the overall number of all-male boards to only five. However, the number of women CEOs in the FTSE 350 has dropped from 15 to 12. Hitting 33% is within reach if companies can achieve close to gender parity in their senior executive-level appointments over the next two years.

The review highlights the ‘knowing-doing gap’ for companies when it comes to diversity and inclusion:

When it comes to gender equality, companies today suffer a ‘knowing-doing gap’. Most executives know how strong the empirical evidence is that proves the link between fostering more diverse mindsets and achieving superior financial performance. But progress is still too slow. Achieving real change requires committed leadership at the top and sustained effort to shift mindsets and correct hidden biases across the organisation. Purpose driven companies that create value for society as well as for shareholders build from a foundation of diversity and inclusion.

Dominic Barton Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

Women represent 47% of the UK workforce but gender diversity is low in the transport and infrastructure sector; just 13% of the construction sector, 20% of the transport sector and 11% of engineers are women. The Department for Transport’s (DfT’s) Infrastructure Skills Strategy, set out an aim to achieve gender parity with the working population by 2030.

Based on information from the DfT, at a granular level, there are pockets of low representation across modes; 6% of pilots, 6.5% of bus drivers, 8% of drivers and 8% of rail engineers are women. Staff turnover rates are low which also limits the ability to shift the demographics of the workforce. There is scarce research into the barriers for women in transport.

The information that is available indicates some key themes including poor perceptions, stereotyping, workplace cultures, lack of support for development and progression, recruitment practices, lack of visible role models and women taking on the majority of invisible work (e.g. childcare, caring responsibilities). These challenges are not unique to transport but we need to work together to break down these barriers to participation and progression to drive positive change.

Gender diversity is low across the transport sector

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Women in Transport supports diversity in the transport sector

Our industry wide network is open and inclusive, welcoming everyone who works in the transport sector. Our mission is to support the professional advancement of women working in the transport sector and we believe in promoting inclusion across the industry.

Continuing the legacy of the 100 Years of Women in Transport campaign, our key initiatives focus on:

  • Developing the transport industry workforce: Actively promoting the diverse career opportunities in the transport sector, raising the visibility of women working in the sector and collaborating with organisations that share our mission and values.

  • Providing opportunities for personal development and career progression at all levels: Providing an annual mentoring programme targeted at women working in transport, offering professional development through workshops, speaking opportunities, networking and volunteering.

  • Inspiring the next generation: Tackling the lack of understanding about what the transport industry stands for and can offer to young people through outreach, positive role models and initiatives, such as, the Diversity Pledge for Transport.

  • Influencing key decision makers: Acting as secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Women in Transport, formed in 2016. The APPG provides a forum to discuss and overcome the under-representation of women in the transport industry by promoting best practice examples of employers leading the way in gender diversifying their workforce. We are working in collaboration across industry, with employers, Government, the Department of Transport and other diversity networks to drive positive change.

Corporate Partnership

We offer flexible packages which can include a combination of any of the following: 

  • Full membership for your employees, encouraging them to engage with our year-round activities at no further cost 

  • Support for specific events, including speaking opportunities, promotion and recognition of your engagement with the diversity agenda 

  • Sponsorship of our annual Advance mentoring programme designed for women working in transport by women working in transport

  • Sponsorship of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Women in Transport and our parliamentary programme of events and research project

  • Attributed and active involvement with industry-wide initiatives to promote your role in diversity in the public eye 

  • Access to professional development and training events for a defined number of your employees 

  • Promotion of your company and its engagement with Women in Transport on our website and in our published materials 

Packages can be tailored to match corporate objectives for equality and diversity, enhancing your in-house initiatives providing a public opportunity to promote your support for the advancement of women across the transport industry.