A fresh new look for women in transport

It's official WTS London is now Women in Transport!

It's been an incredibly exciting (and busy) few months for us. Since becoming part of WTS International more than 10 years ago, we've thrived and grown to be a highly respected organisation in the UK; now actively working with government to increase gender diversity in the transport industry in the UK.

Following on from our collaboration with TfL on the 100 years of women in transport campaign, the past year has seen a step change in engagement from the communities in which we operate. After lengthy consideration of how our role has developed in the UK and consultation with our members and sponsors, we felt the time was right for us to establish an independent entity branded as Women in Transport. A vote that was passed unanimously at our Annual General Meeting in August. 

This move allows us to project a brand identity that is clear for our members, supporters and collaborators whilst continuing to offer the same membership benefits. We have built a new website that better fits the needs of our members in the UK and will provide an agile platform to showcase the diversity of careers of women in transport.

We will continue to work with WTS international sharing contacts and open communication between the two organisations. 

Our mission as Women in Transport is to to be an independent, professional network showcasing the diversity of careers in transport, providing access to senior decision makers and supporting the professional development of women working in transport.

We are excited to about the future of our organisation and we would love to hear from you if you would like to get involved whether as a member, supporter or collaborator, please email us at info@womenintransport.com .

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