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After nearly 15 years in construction and transport, Gail Grace resigned from her senior level management position with no job to go to, a mortgage to pay and no idea where her life was headed.

At the time Gail was newly promoted, full of pride and excitement but also full of fear and overwhelm. The weight of expectation was huge, she never felt good enough and felt she was constantly having to prove herself. She wanted to be a good leader, a role model and to leave a legacy for other women in the industry.

Her loss of confidence and belief in herself left her feeling as if there was no other option, she resigned and found coaching.

Her coach changed everything. She taught Gail how to believe in herself again, to have confidence and courage and to work out what she wanted in life. Gail loved how coaching gave her a cheerleader and someone to take the steps with her that she’d been stopping herself taking. The accountability it offered was also crucial when stepping out of her comfort zone, when all you want to do is hide.

Now Gail is a qualified coach herself and believes she has the tools, techniques and understanding of herself that she so desperately needed back then. Her goal now through 1 on 1 coaching, talks and workshops is to impact and help as many women as possible, in male dominated industries, see that they are good enough, just as they are and that they can achieve whatever they want, with the right help and support. She doesn’t want to see anyone reach the crisis point that she did.

She is also a role model to her two young children who are learning from their mum to never doubt how amazing they are and to understand we are all special and have unique gifts to give.

The “Confidently You” Programme

If you are a female manager in the transport or construction industries who feels that you are constantly having to prove yourself or are always comparing yourself to others then this programme is for you.

If you have ever felt not good enough, not heard or you hide behind a mask of who you think people want to see then it is time to stop doubting your own judgement or decisions and get rid of that fear of failure.

This 12 week 1 on 1 coaching programme will increase your confidence, reduce your feeling of overwhelm and allow you to step into leadership with a new found courage.

You will obtain a new understanding of yourself and learn tools and techniques that have a lasting, ongoing affect in your life and will leave you feeling confident, successful and with a real enjoyment in life, both in and out of work.

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